What I do
Private Guiding

Your guide is the person with whom you will spend the most time, and so having a private guide who has a genuine love of the bush and years of experience can only enrich your safari. As your private guide I would correspond with you before your departure for Africa so as to fully understand your safari expectations – which animals you’d most like to see, birds on your wish list, specific animal interaction you hope to witness – and that way I’d be ideally positioned to ensure that your safari is everything you want it to be and more.

I would typically travel with you for the duration of your bush-based itinerary therefore eliminating repetition of sightings and communication of information between different camps, whilst simultaneously complimenting the knowledge and skills of the resident guide at each lodge. I’d be able to liaise with the lodges to arrange any special activities such as community tours, hot air balloon and helicopter trips.

Travel Planning

For many people, a safari to Africa is a long-held dream, an incredibly special and exciting experience that often becomes a family’s stand out vacation. Traveling to Africa can also be a slightly daunting undertaking – the distances are vast, the cultures very different – and for a long-haul holiday, sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and often long in the planning, it can help to have someone like myself to assist you with the process.

Understanding the seasons and how they affect the wildlife, the different experiences offered by the continent’s top lodges, particular wildlife species or interactions that you would like to see, all of these factors play a part in planning the perfect itinerary.

I am motivated only by creating the best experience for you. Having travelled to and guided at many of Africa’s best lodges and concessions, I know which questions to ask and how to use your answers to create an itinerary that is ideally matched to your expectation and budget. A safari is often planned as part of a special celebration or a chance for a family or group of friends to spend time together in an exceptional environment, and having worked in lodges for over 20 years, I enjoy liaising with guests and the lodge teams to plan special activities to mark these events. Once the itinerary is booked and confirmed, I would coordinate with you before, during and after your trip, to make certain that your safari experience was everything you dreamed it would be, hassle-free and truly memorable, a trip that lives up to expectations.

Guide Training

For me, guiding is not about only the names of trees and birds, it’s about safety, it’s about creating an experience of the African bush, delivering upon what is more often than not a huge expectation, learning to read guests so that as the guide you can build a set of memories that will last forever – it’s about intuition and developing a rapport, and a genuine passion for the bush, and the animals and people that call it home.

The safari experience has changed enormously over the past 20 odd years, as has the face of conservation, and the pressure on protected areas of land has grown exponentially. The threat to wildlife has never been higher and creating awareness and communicating this message to guests is so important.

Over the past few years, I have been very fortunate to be contracted as a Guide Trainer by Singita Serengeti on several occasions, and have conducted training courses for new and existing members of their guiding team. Having the opportunity to help train guides at all levels is a true privilege, working with them to identify the challenges they face, devising solutions to resolve these, understanding cultural differences, increasing their knowledge of the bush, developing a strong set of values, maintaining integrity whilst in the field, and helping them learn the skills they need to deliver an intuitive guiding experience.

The guide is an integral part of a safari experience, spending upwards of 6 hours per day with their guests, he or she is the face of the lodge, an ambassador for the country in which they work, and the key to a memorable safari experience. My objective on any guide training course is to help build a team that can create a holistic experience for guests, guides that “read” the guests on their vehicle and customise their game drives accordingly, and that are able to balance safety, comfort and expectation to deliver a brilliant safari.