Khaki Kids

For most kids their first safari holiday will be one of the most exciting adventures of their lives – viewing elephants and lions up close, animals they’ve previously only seen and read about in books, will be an experience not soon forgotten. Besides the obvious suspects, there are so many other bush creatures that deserve equal attention – bush babies leaping from tree to tree at night, warthogs dashing into their burrows to escape a leopard or dung beetles pushing a ball of dung ten times heavier than themselves.

Khaki Kids is a club that kids on safari with me would be invited to join. Throughout the trip they would work toward checking off the animals, insects, birds and trees that they’d see and learn about whilst in the bush. A specially organised treasure hunt is also a highlight. Khaki Kids would also discover lots of interesting facts and bush craft tips…

  • finding out the real truth about drunken animals and Marula fruit
  • why a Buffalo Thorn is called the wait–a-bit tree
  • why an oxpecker rides on a buffalo’s back
  • how to ward off mosquitoes using dried elephant dung
  • why it’s important to leave honey for a honeyguide bird once it’s led you to a beehive
  • how to identify the spoor of the big cats

The African bush is an incredibly special place and Khaki Kids won’t miss a thing during this holiday of a lifetime. They’ll leave with a bush craft certificate and a few other surprises and I’ll keep them up to date with the comings and goings of the bush via a Facebook and Twitter page. Above all I hope that their time on safari will plant a seed, a love for the African bush, that will continue to grow as they do, and an appreciation of how incredibly special its inhabitants are and how we all need to work together to preserve this precious resource so that we may enjoy its magnificence for years to come.