Stu Levine

I've been extremely privileged over the last twenty years to have worked at many of Africa's premier safari destinations, and during this time have developed a real understanding of what a safari experience should be - a truly memorable encounter with Africa's wildlife and her peoples' heritage. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth visit to the continent there's always something new and thrilling to see - a breeding herd of three hundred elephants relishing a mud bath, a martial eagle swooping down to catch an unsuspecting guinea fowl or twenty thousand wildebeest congregating before crossing a crocodile-infested river.

Africa's wildlife is truly magnificent - there's nothing quite like it - but the challenges facing this precious resource are immense. Conservation is not just about animals, but the land on which they exist and the people that surround them. I feel passionately about sharing this principle with you and your safari would also be an opportunity to witness some of the on-going efforts of various organizations to preserve our environment.

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"Stu's vast knowledge about the African bush, his infectious joy in sharing this knowledge and his boundless good humour all combine to make a safari a lifetime experience."

− Linda & Rick, Michigan USA

"We have travelled with Stuart extensively in South Africa & Tanzania. Thoroughly professional, good fun, can find a leopard anywhere, shame he doesn't support the Wallabies."

− Neville & Carolyn, Queensland Australia